LivingImage was established in March 2007 to propose new ways to enjoy digital images and new lifestyles. The company consists of engineers, creators and marketers. Specialists in each field participate in this endeavor to create a new lifestyle together. Now, the environment surrounding digital images are changing rapidly. We are able to capture digital images by using various media. Moreover, media for viewing digital images have expanded into blogs, social networking services, and E-mails. We are also able to see various types of moving images and movies on the Internet. At such times of change, we need to recapture and rebuild notions of how new technology and new lifestyles should be, and we wish to do express that through different viewpoints contributed by our engineers, creative people and marketing experts.

We truly hope that images will enrich scenes from your daily lives.

With the keyword to "play images," LivingImage will propose a new lifestyle for digital images.


Seiichiro (Ichiro) Watanabe


Ichiro started his carrier as a hardware engineer at Hitachi Medical corporation in 1974. In 1981, Hitachi released their new line of CT-Scanners equipped with Ichiro's technology for which he received 6 patents. Upon it's release it was hailed as the worlds fastest CT-Scanner and quickly embraced by the medical community.
In 1983, He joined Intel Japan, and served various management positions include Quality, Testing, Application design. And he was instrumental in the development of the multimedia technologies and applications collaborating with over 70 companies as a founder of DVI consortium for 4 years.
In 1990, he was named a membership on the MITI (government) committee. Hewas evaluating on matters of consumer digital multimedia industry for the governments 10 year plan. Specifically he researched and made recommendations on a device he referred to as the "home server" as being a key technology of the future that should receive government attention.
In 1997, he established NuCORE Technology Inc. as a semiconductor company for digital camera's. There were over 20 consumer camera products uses NuCORE chips include awards winning world fastest HD enabling chip-set at 2001. He sold NuCORE to Taiwan MediaTek in 2007.
Immediately, he established LivingImage Ltd. with new generation creator's and marketing expert's. taking into consideration of rapid change of shifting imaging services into the web cloud base and started several projects with consumer electronics venders in world wide.

Chitose Obata

Marketing Producer

Ms. Obata first worked as a radio show host and disk jockey at a local Japanese radio station after graduating from university. She went on to study marketing in a marketing company. At that time, marketing was not a widely recognized concept in Japan yet. By working for Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO), Omron's health-related appliances, Apple Computer and other overseas companies, she undertook their consumer marketing plans in Japan.
In 1992, Ms. Obata establishes her own marketing company, Birds Words Inc.
as CEO and since then, has been working for Nike, Claris (currently File Maker) and other overseas clients to assist their marketing strategies in Japan.
Moreover, Birds Words also assists various consumer-oriented marketing for a Japanese digital camera, a Japanese skin-care line, outlets specializing in stuffed animal toys, fast-food and many more.

Yu Maruno

Creative Director

Yu started his carrier as a visual creator mainly acting as a VJ, GLAMOOVE,since 1997. In 2004, GLAMOOVE became the World No. 3 VJ in DJ MAG.Yu hasalso been involved with various visual pc software projects to create new styles in visual culture, software such as motiondive & LiFE* with PhotoCinema.
In 2006, Yu established GLMV Inc. and was a representative director.Yu directed the visual content of Omotesando Hills for all areas.He has been working on various projects by creating new visual cultures with Space + Visual, Visual + Music, Visual + Camera, and Games + Visuals. Yu has also worked for BMW Group Studio as a visual director.


Takeo Yatabe

Culture Architect

Takeo established HiGH CONCEPT Inc. in 2007.
Takeo is a sound producer (member of ES9) as well as being a creative director for Nike, KDDI, and many other projects.He has also been on the production team for DIGITALSTAGE's "LiFE* with PhotoCinema" which won the gold prize at the Good Design Awards.
Takeo was selected as a Nike Sport Music artist on Nike+ and his release charted as NO. 1 on the iTunes Japan Electronic Music Charts.Takeo makes his music with synchronized visuals for his live show as "Audiovisual Live set".
He also uses his multiple talents in product development, or lecturing at media design schools, and also hosts a TV show based on visuals and music for the future.


LivingImage Ltd.

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