The latest IT technology system




From multiple camera shooting to net distribution.
Comprehensive video solution

With "Multi-angle-video karte", videos shot not limited to one angle, but also can shot from multiple angle with one simple interface. This system developed from the ground with lots of experience in various field like camera development, video management, video distribution and UIUX design. Which some of them already being used by JISS (Japan Institute of Sports Since). We will provide a one-stop solution for total solutions from

Operation can handled by iPad only.
The latest technology for the athletes

The most important thing in IT for sports is not only the latest technology but also must be optimized for easy to use at the site of coaching. Until now, it took longer time for the staff to give feedback to user. With "Multi-angle-video karte", it can realized by just iPad in coach's hand. From multiple camera control, recording of coaching and lecture, to delivery by the net. There is no need for staff specializing in technology, we will make use of the latest IT technology in a place closer to the athlete.

Swing × Coaching
Golf swing evolves with online video distribution

Optimized "video log" training system which has produced results
one after another in the sports world for "golf swing" training.
We provide coaching technology that brings together the state-of-the-art technology
adopted at the sports field and the know-how of the tour pro coach.

Lesson Karte
You can watch videos anytime

Swing × Coaching delivered as a video

Video management system is developed based on already in-use system by JISS (National Sports Science Center). As well as swing movies, online video delivery also available for lesson karte. User can watch the lesson karte at any time, anywhere.

Slow motion capture by
multiple synchronized cameras

Swing recorded with multi camera

Easy operation to set and control multiple cameras that can also perform slow motion capture.

The tools supervised
by the tour pro coach

Supplementary line + comment to movie etc.

You can record coaching itself as well as basic tools such as auxiliary lines to movies as well as comment recordings.

Easy operation with iPad

All operations are completed with your iPad

Since you can do all operations with one iPad, it is possible to provide the player with quick feedback without interrupting training.


Developed using by actual use at KTGA Indoor Golf School

Tsurumi Koki Tour Operator Coach Profile

Became a member of Royal Musselburgh GC of Scotland in '94 (Japan's first). '99 Become an instructor of the Gleneagles Hotel Golf Academy in England and a UK PGA member. In 2002, he acquired the first British PGA qualifier in the UK, and as a teacher pro, he enrolled until February 2003 as a teaching professional. After returning home, ties up with Ms. Shiho Oyama in a teacher relations relationship, and raises it to Queen of prize money in 2006. '07 Golf digest company 'Lesson of the Year' was awarded. Later Mai Arai, Miki Uehara and two others passed the Pro-test. In 2012, own golf academy opened in Caledonian GC in Chiba prefecture, in 2016 opened an indoor golf school in Minato-ku, Tokyo. Today the number of students is over 10,000, currently only one British PGA pro in Japan.

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System configuration and major technologies

No need hardware? Try our cloud system!

We also provide cloud video "catchball" system that can be used conveniently without using a dedicated camera system. When students sends practice videos shot with their own smartphone to the coach/instructor, the coach/instructor can give feedback to the students from the coach's iPad in form of texts, voices, and supplementary lines to the video just like the Videokarte. (*The screen is at the development stage)


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