Development process of LivingImage is unique. We gather all members include creator, engineer, marketer from the beginning stage. Even if the target goal should include hardware innovation, we start from life style design first, include strategies of market in, prototyping of new services and/or new products. It's result in very fast iteration to get market feedback, and also we can provide prototyping for catalogue design and branding consaltaion as a birds-view approach if it's appropriate.

Development track record

  • Development of inter-high result system
  • Video distribution system for athletes training in JISS
  • Development of video distribution system for training of Cheer dance at Teikyo University Medical Science Center
  • Basic development of positioning system using spread spectrum sound
  • Nanofiber inspection device

Prototyping track record

  • Digital Photo Flame application for tablet devices
  • Camera application on smart-phone
  • Automatic algorithms of editing different aspect ratio photos
  • Movie editing software development (internal project)
  • Editless applications (internal project)
  • Digital Photo Flame with Multi Monitor (internal project)


To contact us at LivingImage or to inquire about our technology, please use the link below.